Created a dotted circle in illustrator

Here’s a tutorial about creating dotted lines in illustrator. Instead of drawing a line initially, draw a circle and then follow the instructions.



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2 responses to “Created a dotted circle in illustrator

  1. Nicole......M

    Here is a alternate way for those who asked for it…

    This method is good if you know the specific spacing between and size of the dots and if you plan on removing dots.

    -Make a circle with circle tool
    -make sure you have object selected with black arrow
    -hold down the Alt key and click somewhere on the screen to determine the center of your circle
    -a window will pop-up
    -determine a degree, i found that multiples of 5 worked well
    -hit copy
    -Press Command and D continuously to form a circle!

    • Nicole......M

      i left out a step!!

      After you select the object select the ROTATE tool, very important.. Then hold down Alt and click..

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