54th Annual New England Book Show

The 54th Annual New England Book Show was a success thanks to everyone involved with Bookbuilders of Boston! The catalog was also a big hit. The Framingham State students involved designed everything from the catalog, the ticket to the Show, the book displays, the postcards, certificates for the winners, and even the cakes! It’s great to see our design throughout so many pieces.

Big news…we found out that HP will distribute 200 of the catalogs, to be used as marketing pieces, to their sales force worldwide!

We are thankful to Bookbuilders of Boston for this opportunity!

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Printing Day

Printing day at Courier in Chelmsford, MA. The catalog was designed for and printed on the T300, very new printing technology! Here we are on press with the catalog pages in the background. Michele joined us on our tour of the fabulous press.

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The catalog goes to press this week!

This week we will be wrapping up the 54th New England Book Show Catalog and sending it off to print at Courier. Like any other graphic design professional project, we are behind, but hopeful! Let’s just hope that Courier doesn’t give us the 3am time slot for printing…I have a feeling this will happen, however.

Wish us luck! SG

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Pen Tool Tutorial


A great pen tool tutorial (the best I’ve seen) from Jeff Braga in my GD One class.


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Final Color Palette

Here are the new cmyk colors:

gray, 0, 0, 0, 70

blue, 40, 0, 10, 0

green, 40, 0, 90, 0

salmon, 0, 71, 62, 0

dark teal, 93, 57, 53, 37


Please make sure you are using CMYK colors in your files! Thank you.

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So here are everyones elements that we liked today:

1 The small text showing 54th New England Book Show

2 Elements from Jason/Laura’s TOC and Nicole’s TOC

3 Emily/Jen’s divider page

4 Michelle’s back cover (simple, lets you interact with the book)

5 Jason’s end leaf

6 Jen’s 3 dot page numbers, moving through the system

7 Rounded corners on images

8 Jason’s Book Arts shapes

9 Lines to anchor the page

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Spread Example



Here you go everybody!

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